Fédération de l'Hérault

Fédération de l'Hérault

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Wednesday, 08.07.2015 – Arrival Day

Shuttle Busses available from Prague Airport and Main Train Station

18h Official Opening

19h Dinner

After Dinner: Get-together party

Thursday, 09.07.2015 – East of the West

07h30 Breakfast

09h30 – 11h30 Plenary + Discussion

“The Future of Europe: Equality, Justice and Social Coherence. Experiences and

Contributions of Central and Eastern Europe.”

Speakers: Pierre Laurent (France), Ioana Sivhlikova (Czech Republic)

Moderator: Milan Neubert (Czech Republic)

11h45 – 13h45 Seminars

- "Left in CEE: positions, role, weakness and potentials"

Speakers: Margarita Mileva (Bulgaria), Joana Gwiazdecka (Poland), Michal Fric (Slovakia)

- "CEE: Integration x Militarization - geopolitical, globalization and economic aspects"

Speakers: Hannes Hofbauer (Austria), Ilona Svihlikova (Czech Republic), Nika Kovac (Slovenia)

Moderator: Dagmar Svendova (Czech Republic)

13h45 – 14h25 Lunch Break

14h30 – 16h30 Seminars

- "Rising of Extreme Right Tendencies in Eastern Europe"

Speakers: Attila Vajnai (Hungary), Walter Baier (Austria), Jan Kavan (Czech Republic)

Moderator: Mirek Prokes (Czech Republic)

- EL-Fem-Seminar "What does Feminism Mean for us Feminists coming from Different Countries?"

16h30 – 18h30 Excursion Terezin

19h – 20h Dinner

Evening – Self-organized Workshops


Friday, 10.07.2015 – Europe after 1/25: New Chances, New Challenges

07h30 Breakfast

09h30 – 13h Plenary + Discussion (incl. Break)

“Europe – Integration or Division”

Speakers: Leo Panich, Representative of Syriza

13h – 14h10 Lunch Break

14h15 – 16h15 Seminars

- "Concrete Experiences with Solidarity and Mobilization"

Speakers from Greece, France, Hungary, Slovenia

- "After the Greek Elections: which consequences and challenges, which experiences in the common struggle?"

Speakers: Boris Kanzleiter (Germany), Anne Sabourin (France), Raffaella Bollini (Italy), Natassa Theodorakopoulou (Greece)

Moderator: Walter Baier (Austria)

- "Contributions of the Left in Europe to the debates about TAFTA & COP21"

Speakers: MEP from GUE/NGL, Lara Otonicar (Slovenia), Fabio Amato (Italy)

- EL-Fem-Seminar "Gender and Precarity: Examples from Greece"

16h30 – 18h30 Workshops

18h30 – 20h Dinner

Evening – Cultural Programme


Saturday, 11.07.2015 – One Europe-One World

07h30 Breakfast

09h30 – 13h Plenary + Discussion (incl. Break)

“A Changed Europe for a Sustainable Global Future”

Speakers: Maite Mola (Spain), Walter Baier (Austria)

13h – 14h10 Lunch Break

14h15 – 16h15 Seminars

- "Where does Europe End?"

Speakers: Speaker from Ukraine, representative from Cyprus, Erhard Crome (Germany)

- "Shifting Perspectives - Europe and Latin America"

Speakers: Suzany Gonzales (Venezuela), Heinz Bierbaum (Germany), Ana-Elisa Osorio (Venezuela)

Moderation: Maite Mola (Spain)

- "Fortress Europe - on Refugees and Migration"

Speaker: Marie-Christine Vergiat (France), Massaoud Romdhani (Tunis), Raffaella Bollini (Italy)

Moderation: Olga Athaniti

- EL-Fem-Seminar "Migration, Antiracism and Gender"

16h30 – 18h30 Workshops

18h30 – 20h Dinner

Evening – Closing, Cultural Programme, Farewell-Party


Sunday, 12.07.2015 – Departure Day

Shuttle Busses available to Prague Airport and Main Train Station

07h30 – 09h30 Breakfast



Shall you have any questions regarding the Summer University, its registration process etc. please don't hesitate to e-mail us atsummeruniversity@european-left.org.

If you wish to register we have registration forms available in English, French and Spanish. Please find them here: SU2015 registration forms section.